Economy through technology

Attractive prices due to highly modern processes

Economic efficiency

We are convinced that high quality and moderate prices need not be opposites. For this reason, we produce all our products in Germany. By using ultra-modern manufacturing processes, we can still offer you our instruments and implants at reasonable prices.

For our production processes, we regularly look beyond the boundaries of medical technology in order to optimize them and thus reduce costs. For example, in the manufacture of our titanium screws in the micrometer range, we rely on machine technology that originally comes from the watch industry. The sliding headstock automatic lathe operates with an accuracy of 0.0005 mm and is therefore ideally suited for the production of our high-precision screws, which meet the highest quality standards.

Our titanium implants are laser cut for quality reasons. On the one hand, this means that the implants are cut without introducing tension into the material and on the other hand, the heat input is largely avoided. This leads to our high quality, which we can also offer at acceptable prices due to innovative process planning.